Small Group Ministry

What is a Small Group?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A small group of people who regularly come together in community and live out the mission of the church.

Why Small Groups?

There’s something really awesome about having hundreds of people gathered in one place, worshiping God on a Sunday morning, isn’t there? Perhaps you’ve come to love worship at St. Matthew too. 

But let me ask you this: Can you name ten people in that space? If so, can you tell me what their joys and struggles are? Can you tell me how they are currently growing in their faith or what their prayers look like? How about the neighborhood they live in? Probably not. And most wouldn’t be able to answer those questions about you either. That’s part of the nature of worshiping in a larger church! But it doesn’t mean that we are all doomed to live out our faith alone! Small groups are a place for us to be in relationship with our Christian brothers and sisters. They are a place to learn, grow, serve, worship, and make disciples. Small groups are the Church!

Of course, worship and study together are absolutely vital, but they are not everything that the church should be. That’s why St. Matthew believes in and uses the small groups model. We don’t want anybody to just attend church. We don’t want anybody to be just another face in the crowd. We want everybody to know what it means to have Christian fellowship and to live out their faith in Jesus on a daily basis, outside the walls of the church building. 

Please, prayerfully consider starting or joining a small group here at St. Matthew so our congregation can continue to grow stronger and healthier in Christ!

Join a Small Group

To Join one of St. Matthew’s existing small groups, please click HERE. You will be brought to the group selector where you can find a group based on your location, availability, and other preferences. Once you request to join a group, the group's leader will be notified and be in touch with you directly. Welcome to Small Groups!

Start a Small Group

If you have two or three friends or more and want to lead a group of your own, we are more than happy to show you how and help you along the way. Please email the church office at [email protected] to let us know and a pastor will be in touch with you shortly to set you up! If you already have a group that the church office may not know about, please do the same!