How Does St. Matthew Support Missions?

Jesus gave his final instructions for us in several places in the Bible. We know His plan is for His church to finish His work here, so these instructions are for all of us. God’s plan for creation was that all should live in harmony together, forever. He wants all people to be in a loving relationship with Him, now and for eternity.The only remedy was for God Himself to come into the world as a real human and real God, in the person of Jesus. This is a message that we declare throughout the world in our Missions ministries.

St. Matthew supports missions Locally, Regionally and Internationally, ranging from financial support, to providing material goods and food, to hands-on serving, and of course ongoing prayer support. It is our hope that touching the lives of others will show God's love.

Examples of our ongoing mission support are St. Paul-Pontiac, Hospitality House-Walled Lake, MOST Ministries, hands-on community service in southern Ohio, and organized trips to Japan and other countries. In addition, we have missions that we focus on each month, with the school and through the church. Those include organizations that also reach globally, regionally, locally, and within our own community and church. Lutheran World Relief, Wellspring Lutheran Services, Hearts for Jesus, World Vision, Another Way Pregnancy Center, and Lutheran Bible Translators are examples of missions we often choose to support for a month or more during the year.

We have opportunities for and encourage the participation of all ages. We hope you consider becoming involved in Missions at St. Matthew! Contact Pastor Austin Wellhousen with any questions.