Mission and Vision


St. Matthew Lutheran Church exists to make Christ-followers who are growing:

  • UP with God
  • IN community
  • OUT with His Love


God has called St. Matthew Lutheran Church to:

  1. Believe in Jesus as the only Savior
  2. Live as a Bible-based and Spirit-led people
  3. Worship God together
  4. Share the love of Jesus
  5. Grow closer to and more like Jesus
  6. Serve God with our gifts
  7. Love one another in caring communities
  8. Pass Jesus on to the next generation

Discipleship Triangle

A spiritually mature Christian places highest emphasis on his/her relationship with God (Up), followed by fellowship with other Christians (In) and mission to the world (Out).  We can use this triangle to evaluate our spiritual maturity and determine where we need to grow.

How are you doing in each area of spiritual maturity?  Where is God leading you to grow?  

  • UP:  Your relationship with God This includes: repentance; trust; loving God; connecting with God through baptism, worship and the Lord’s Supper, Bible study, spiritual retreat, and prayer; honoring God with Christ-like living
  • IN:  Your fellowship with other Christians This includes: joining a church, small group, spiritual mentor or accountability partner, serving and growing in loving Christian relationships, also with Christian family members
  • OUT:  Your mission to the world  This includes: prayer for, serving and sharing God’s love with pre-Christians; living like Jesus in your roles, calling in life and as a citizen; giving to God’s work using the tithe (10%) as a guide